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Nancy Tavarez-Correa

Acting Principal

“The starting point for organizing the program content of education… must be present, existential, concrete situations, reflecting the aspirations [and struggles] of the people” - Paulo Freire


Anthony Bien-Aime

Vice Principal

However far or near, there’s an answer to every problem.


Lisa Robles



Camille Easton



Namy Rojas




Ani Silvani 




Rafael Martinez

Chief Custodial



Juan Melendez

Chief Security



Shaqueeta Carter








Joel Vargas





Cafeteria Manager



Special Education






social studies



Jennifer Cunningham

Social Studies - 5th & 6th Grade


Mohammed Niwash

Social Studies ~ 7th & 8th Grades 


Kanene Morah

Science ~ 3rd & 4th Grades


Euyeoung Lee

Science ~ 5th & 6th Grades


Saul Gondelman

Science ~ 7th & 8th Grades


About Us - Core Beliefs



To be the leaders in actualizing 21st century skills.



To prepare learners for success using the skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking while fostering positive character traits.


Grades PreK-Kindergarten

Patricia Silaghi

PreK Teacher

I will remain committed to the belief that children, their families and society benefit from high quality early childhood programs. I believe that there is a critical link between a child's early experiences and later success in life.




Rafaela Pizarro

PreK3 Teacher


 I believe in a constructivist theory and agree with Ayers “to became a teacher; Making a difference in children’s lives” My challenge as a preschool teacher is to treat all children with respect and compassion while making difference in their lives. I also want to provide an environment and a curriculum that will help them become the best they can be and to seek ways to build their self-esteem. I also want to help all children grow in knowledge, abilities, and experiences to help them be good future citizens.  


Tara Felty

PreK4 Teacher




Barbara Malone

PreK4 Teacher


Melanie Tuhari

PreK Teacher




Michele L Van Hook

Instructional Assistant


As an IA in the pre school classroom I strive to help the children in our community grow and learn in a safe environment while having fun and being the absolute best they can be! 



Angela Profita

Kindergarten Teacher


My mission as a teacher is to provide students with expectations that will build positive self-image, thus enabling them to believe that they have the ability to accomplish anything they want in their lives. It is my goal to integrate the love of learning in all students and enable students to see learning as a reward in and of itself. I pledge to the belief that I, as a teacher, will make a positive difference in the lives of children. I can't imagine doing anything else.


I believe this quote by Lee Iaococca best describes a teacher's role. "In a completely rational society, the best of us would be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less, because passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor and the highest responsibility anyone could have".


Dinah Fasheh




Digna Rivera

Instructional  Assistant


Language Arts

Natasha Carcich

Language Arts ~ 3rd Grade


Every day is a new day to learn something new! "Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are."  



Melany Cruz

Language Arts ~ 4th Grade


I believe that all students can learn, improve and excel. I believe in celebrating successes and making the most of a student's strengths. I believe in the power of building a school community and working collaboratively to achieve the goals of School 16!



Wilson Soto

3rd-5th Grade

Langauge Arts


I realize that the classroom is like an artist’s palette of many colors.  Just as in an artist’s painting, however, the whole piece only comes alive when the colors blend, intertwine, and complement each other to increase their beauty.  As educators, we need to see ourselves as artists.  We should not be afraid to take risks, try new techniques, and challenge ourselves to find the uniqueness of every child.



Marlane Romanelli

Language Arts ~ 5th Grade


As a 5th grade Language Arts teacher, I believe that every child should be nurtured by their teacher to instill a love of reading & writing to become independent thinkers, writers, readers, and lifelong learners.


John Cobos

Language Arts ~ 6th Grade


I believe that a successful education is dependent on a collaborative effort between families and school. The seeds of confidence, effort and determination must be instilled daily for our students to achieve in all their endeavors.




Deirdre Wilson-Redmond

Language Arts ~ 7th Grade


When a student is motivated, the sky is the limit as to what he or she can achieve in all facets of life. My goal is to have an intrinsic understanding of each of my students' needs and abilities so that I can find a way to help each of them reach for the stars and beyond.


Patricia Mongelli-Graber

Language Arts ~ 8th Grade


I believe all children can learn.  And if we display a passion for what we teach we will create a classroom environment in which all students feel valued and respected . This along with high expectations of our students will move them to a higher level of understanding.


"Together we can"

Grades 1-2

Tanka De Graaff

1st Grade


"I believe that all students are capable of succeeding, but not all students have the same fire inside to want to succeed. I have an amazing opportunity everyday to help my students find their fire and watch them ignite it."


Asmaa Salah 

First Grade


Kristin Clark

Second Grade

Language Arts/ Humanities



Ashona Francis

Second Grade




Julie White

3rd & 4th Grade 

Special Education

I believe that every child has the potential to achieve greatness. I am here to work with them through verbal, auditory and hands on to help them achieve these goals.



Olga Martinez

5th & 6th Grade

Special Education





Zellie Thomas

Mathematics ~ 3rd Grade


Famed mathematician Georg Cantos said, "In mathematics, the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems". My role as an educator is not to teach students what to think, but how to think. It's this distinction that allows us to transform children into lifelong learners.


Gabriela Rezzonico

Mathematics ~ 4th Grade



Kara Leslie

Mathematics ~ 5th Grade



Thilagam Rajagopal

Mathematics ~ 6th Grade



Nahed Hassen

Mathematics ~ 7th Grade


As a seventh grade math teacher, I believe every student can love math! I enjoy seeing my students learn and I love to celebrate their successes!






Sulay Leon

Algebra / Mathematics ~ 8th Grade



Visual and Performing Arts

Vanessa Campos



I believe in hands on learning, education through experience and exploration. In the words of Ms. Frizzle "Let's take chance, make mistakes, and get messy." Lets awaken the imagination, create magic, and discover new possibilities. To find out more about me visit




Garrett Vargo


My core beliefs are that everybody deserves and has the ability to create, appreciate, or perform music. Music and education go together harmoniously to work towards creating and enriching every student's life.

World Language

Juana Noriega

World language ~ Spanish

Physical Education


Robert Butler

Physical Education


My core values are honesty, integrity, hard work, and perseverance. With these traits, all students can succeed.




Susan Colum

Physical Education


As a physical educator, my goal is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. I support every student in developing a healthy life style which encompasses the physical, mental and emotional aspect of his or her life. This allows each child to learn how to fully advocate for their health, as well as make the best educational decision for themselves to promote the best wellness in each of their lives. I love seeing students learn, work hard, persevere, transform and celebrate their successes individually or as a class in an outside the classroom. Together we can all achieve more.