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June 2018

2018 District Math Olympiad!


Math Olympiad

Congratulations to the students that participated in the 2018 District Math Olympiad!


Kamari Clark

Reymeli Tolentino

Erika Chalas

Erlina Chalas

Christopher Sanchez

Viana Ogando

Diego Diaz

Sara Velasquez

Alexander Valerio

Michael Velez jr

Alexa Sosa

Jelisa Grullo

PreK Graduation - Thank you School 16 Staff!

Dear School 16 Staff,

The Pre-K4 Teachers will like to take this time and thank all of the individuals that helped make this day a success.

Ms. Reyes, you were there in spirit and have always supported our youngest learners, so we thank you and miss you.

Ms. Correa, thank you for the lovely sentiments and acknowledgement of our Pre-Kindergartners. Also, thank you for the beautiful certificates. The kids were so proud.

Mr. Bien-Aime, thank you for taking time to catch the Cha Cha Slide performance. I saw you smiling at the kids as they danced their hearts out.

Thank you Ms. Patricia, Ms. Michele, Ms. Rafaela, Ms. Amirah and Pre-K3 students for leading us with the flag salute.

Thank you Mr. Vargo for manning the music behind the scenes and Ms. WR's awesome 6th grade students for helping us out.

It truly takes a village and we are so proud of our Pre-K4 students.

Pre K-4 Teachers

Ms. Profita and Ms. Tara

International Day 2018-Thank You

Dear School 16 Staff,

      On behalf of Ms. Romanelli, Ms. Leslie and myself I would like to take this time and thank all of the individuals that helped make this day a success. The hard work and dedication of all staff, especially homeroom teachers and students was evident as classes “traveled around the world.” Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make this event a success. The walls were filled with wonderful artifacts and information. As I walked around it was obvious that students really enjoyed what they saw and learned. Aside from the walls many teachers created slideshows, presentations, brought artifacts and even had music from the country their homeroom choose. Thank you again to everyone for making this event a success. Please forward the pictures or videos from this event to myself. We hope that you and your students enjoyed this event. Please make sure to send Ms. Leslie or Ms. Romanelli your passports to qualify for our incentive.



Your International Committee


Ms. Velasco, Ms. Romanelli and Ms. Leslie


50 Book Club

School 16 had 141 students, who participated in the district-wide 50 Book Reading Club. Several of the students who attended the ceremony on Thursday night, June 7th, at the Paterson Library. Each student was given a certificate of participation, sticker book marker and free books. Congratulations to all!