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District Wide Science Fair

Striving for Academic Excellence! 

district wide science fair

District wide science fair

Mr. Downs' Class

Brings the holidays' cheers to School 16

Mr. Downs class door deco

Rosa Park HS Winter Show!

5th Grade Walking Trip


Thank you 5th Grade Teachers- Ms. Romanelli, Ms. Leslie, Mr. Rivera and Ms. Cunningham 

December 2018

December Bulletin Board

"We are Lighting up the world"

December Bulletin Board

Our Basketball Team

December Games

School 16 vs. MLK, School 16 vs. School 26

basketball team

Picture with Santa

Picture with Santa

Thank you  Ms. Wilson-Redmond, Mr. Willemsen and Ms. White for leading the Picture with Santa fundraising!

     Photographer   Santa


Message from Ms. Wilson-Redmond,

I would like to give a BIG shout out and thank you to Mr. Willemsen for patiently sitting for hours upon hours (2 days in fact) as our own in- house Santa.  The students were thrilled and the turn out was excellent.

Thank you to all of the teachers who wrangled the students together, as well.  My Santa's helpers (Mrs. Weissman and Ms. Amirah) saved the day.  The three 6th grade Santa's Helpers under Ms. Leslie's direction were also outstanding as they brought students to and fro.

A HUGE thanks to Ms. White who coordinated the complete effort so that ALL of our students will be able to benefit from this fundraiser.

Kudos to ALL because it was truly a team effort.